World Bank Assistance for Road Projects

Official Development Assistance (ODA) for development of National Highways is being provided from various agencies like World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) &  Asian Development Bank (ADB) etc. The details and the present status of National Highways Projects being developed/to be developed with loan assistance from World Bank, JICA &  ADB  are as per Annexure. There is no Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) proposals received or approved for the construction of National Highways during the last three years and the current year.

The Government has set up the Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE), Noida to augment skills of practicing Highway Engineers in the country. There are also other Training Institutes in the public and private sector imparting training to highway engineers. Highway Engineers are also deputed for training abroad under various International Cooperation Schemes for latest technical know-how in this Sector. Ministry has taken several initiatives to promote use of modern technologies in construction of National Highways. These include, use of waste material/ by-products, fly-ash, slag, modified bitumen, waste plastic, recycled aggregates etc. and processes like recycling, cement treated sub-base/base, soil stabilization etc.

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