India France naval exercise Varuna 2022 concludes

New Delhi, April 4 : The 20th edition of the bilateral naval exercise between Indian and French Navies Varuna- 2022 concluded on Sunday with final phase of the wargame focussing on advanced anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercises. “INS Chennai with Sea King Mk 42B, maritime patrol aircraft P8i, French Navy frigate FS Courbet, support vessel FS Loire, and other ts exercised on full spectrum of ASW operations,” Indian Navy said. Seamless coordination, precise execution of manoeuvres, and clockwork execution of complex anti-submarine warfare exercises characterized the conduct of Varuna-2022, all operational objectives of the exercise were accomplished by the participants in full measure, Indian Navy added. The Exercises was conducted in the Arabian Sea from March 30 to April 3. “The exercise this year had an expanded scope covering a broad spectrum of maritime operations. The eventful tactical sea phase of the exercise laid primary focus on advanced anti-submarine warfare tactics, gunnery shoots, seamanship evolutions, tactical manoeuvres and extensive air operations. The ts also undertook cross deck landings by integral helicopters, showcasing a high level of interoperability between them. Gun firing and underway replenishment procedures were also exercised between ships,” the Indian Navy said. The last day of the exercise had cross visits of personnel, cross embarkation of sea-riders and a closing session was conducted. “The exercise reflected high synergy and mutual understanding between the Indian Navy and French Navy that will bolster their ability to undertake joint operations in maritime theatre, when required. Varuna-2022 will go a long way in strengthening the strategic partnership between India and France,” the Indian Navy said. ASU SY 1501

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