Chemiesynth Vapi enters into manufacturing & supply agreement with Lambson

Chemiesynth Vapi has entered a Manufacturing and Supply Agreement on March 11, 2019 with Lambson for the supply of a range of Speedcure products.

A Quarterly Blanket Purchase Order (in line with quarterly pricing) will be issued by Lambson for the Product with an expected quantity for the quarter.

Prices shall be valid for three months from the commencement thereafter, prices may be modified every three months by the customer notice in writing of such change at least thirty days date of the forthcoming three month period.

Chemisynth (Vapi) was established with the object of carrying on business as manufactures, formulators, processors, producers, makers, buyers, sellers, resellers, importers, exporters, distributors, suppliers, fermentators, distillers, refiners, stockists, agents, merchants of and dealers in Chemicals, Chemical compounds (organic and inorganic) in all forms ( solid, liquid and gaseous) and of all kinds, heavy chemicals, acids, alkalies, tannins etc.

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