RJD alleges embezzlement in GST, demands probe by Spl. Committee

Patna, Mar 2 : The Rashtriya Janta Dal ( RJD) demanded that the Special Committee of the House investigate the payment made to contractors in connivance with the engineers of the Rural Works Department without deducting GST. Dissatisfied with the reply of the Rural Works Department Minister Jayant Raj to a starred question of RJD member Bhai Virendra in the state Assembly on Wednesday, Bhai Virendra said that embezzlement to the tune of crores of Rupees has been committed by making payment to the 1832 contractors without deducting GST in connivance with the engineers. He said it was the duty of the Rural Works Department to deduct the GST and instead the minister was passing the buck to the commercial taxes department. Bhai Virendra alleged that the Minister was misleading the house by his reply and insisted on institution of a probe into the entire matter by the special committee of the house. According to the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in Bihar, Vijay Chaudhary, the issue is in the interest of both the state as well as the government, stating that the Minister concerned has already confirmed that the payments are made after deduction as per the provisions. He said that the rest of the GST, as per the provision was deducted by the Commercial Taxes Department. The RJD member was asked to inform the government about the specific contractors and assured action would be taken. Later the Rural Works Department Minister Jayant Raj assured to look into the matter. RS RN

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