Ravie Dubey says mental transformation is important to play a complex character

Actor Ravie Dubey spoke about his look in his upcoming film 'Faraddayy,' where he had to transform himself physically and mentally to get into the skin of his character.

The actor shared that he also went through a psychological transformation while shooting for the film.

Ravie added: "In this character, physical and other kinds of aesthetic transformation are secondary. The most important factor is I have to delve into the psyche and the core ethos of a character like this. So psychological transformation is important for any character but for a character like this it's of utmost priority and importance."

On what all he has done to perform the character of Rajan perfectly, Ravie said: "I am careful about what I eat. Fitness is a way of life. Getting the specific look was surely a lot of hard work. I took full charge of fitness and diet. When you prepare for a complex character, of course the transformation physical and mental both are important."

He added how a character like this takes a toll on his mental and physical well-being and how he is handling it.

"I'm sure all actors would feel that once they are in the zone of a certain character, time passes quickly. And I'm just happy that people have found it interesting. That is a big step forward, for not just me, but for the entire team that's going ahead with this film, and our production. As a viewer, I would love to see a film like this. And therefore, I decided that we must make this and we must tell the story."

Speaking further on producing a film like 'Farradday', he shared: "When we actually conceptualised the film, we knew that this is the path we should take. We should also keep in mind that we made it on a shoestring budget. I didn't think the film would have many takers being an abstract film. So we didn't actually go to the process of going to people and saying that, this is a story that we believe in, and would like you to produce it. We decided to just take the leap of faith and do it ourselves."

'Fradday' is an Ankur Pajni directorial which is produced by Ravie and Sargun Mehta's Dreamiyata Entertainment. The film will be released in December.