Dropbox to end support for its `Shop` platform

Cloud-based storage service Dropbox has announced that it will end support for 'Dropbox Shop', a platform that allows creators to sell digital content directly to their customers, on July 7.

"Support for Dropbox Shop, a feature that was available in beta, will end in 2023," the company said.

"Starting May 15, 2023, Shop will enter read-only mode. You'll no longer be able to create or modify listings and storefronts. Additionally, buyers won't be able to make purchases from you. By July 7, 2023, Dropbox Shop will be fully discontinued," it added.

The company launched the service in open beta in 2022.

The service allowed users to add content directly from Dropbox, set a custom image, audio or video preview and then list their price.

It also allowed users to create their own e-commerce storefront, edit their profile and customise their Shop URL to display their products.

In 2022, Dropbox announced a security incident after threat actors acquired 130 code repositories from one of its GitHub accounts using employee credentials stolen in a phishing attack.

The attackers breached the account on October 14, when GitHub warned the company of suspicious behaviour that began one day before the notice was delivered.